The Museum of the Mercian Regiment (WFR Collection) Education Service



From September 2016, the Museum is working with Access Artefacts of Nottingham City Museums and Galleries to provide a unique and fascinating collection of materials which provide a wide range of teaching opportunities related to the National Curriculum, especially in the area of historical enquiry.

Our Resource Boxes can be booked by  Click here to book one now!


The Regimental Archives can also be used to provide material for tailor made displays suitable for both Primary and Secondary pupils. This facility can be arranged by appointment, based on a variety of themes.


The illustrated talks are given by Volunteers and  talks are provided subject to availability.  Please contact the Curator at the address below for further infoirmation.


Local Tourist Information Centres have held Annual Exhibitions based upon WW 1, WW 2 and Memorials Resource Boxes. These annual exhibitions have engendered growing interest within the local community.

If you are interested in finding out more-contact the Curator at
The Museum of The Mercian Regiment (WFR Collection), Foresters House, Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell, Nottingham NG9 5HA
Phone: 0115 9465415 Ext 5219
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