Christmas Item in Focus 1

Today’s  item in focus is an Christmas themed one, since we are now in December. On display at Nottingham Castle is a wooden plaque with with the Sherwood Foresters capbadge on. Written on the front are the words ‘Weihnachten 1945’.  On the rear is written “A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! German Labour Group C, Leibnitz 1945” Made by German Prisoners of War.

This item was given to Company Sergeant Major (CSM) John Edward Wood of the 2/5th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters. CSM Wood served in the Second World War with the 2nd/5th and saw service in North Africa as part of the 8th Army and Italy. We do have a photograph of CSM Wood also which is on the slides. 

Sadley we do not know  how John was given the board, as it was passed onto us from the family. 


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