History of the WFRA

Upon amalgamation, in 1970, of The Worcestershire Regiment and The Sherwood Foresters, the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regimental Association was formed, under the abbreviated title of W & SF Regt Assoc. It was formed to foster the spirit of the new Regiment, to relieve hardship among its members and their families and to act as an umbrella organization for the two former associations, the Worcestershire Regiments’ Association (WRA) and the Sherwood Foresters Association (SFA). These both continued to operate independently until 1991 when it was decided that the W & SF Regt Assoc, the WRA and SFA should be disbanded and all branches became members of the new WFRA as the sole association. The then Colonel of the Regiment, Brigadier PFB Hargrave CBE, announced the official formation of “The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regimental Association” at the first meeting which took place at Whittington Barracks, Lichfield, on the 10th August 1991.


In 1996 the Charity Commission ruled that charitable and ‘social’ funds must be separated. Consequently in 1998 the original WFRA was dissolved and reformed purely as a sociable organization with no direct charitable function. A separate WFR Welfare and General Charitable Fund was set up under the management of the Regimental Trustees, with Association representation on the Welfare Fund Committee to monitor use of the former Association’s funds. These funds are now managed by RHQ Mercian and the Regimental Trustees under the Mercian Regimental Benevolence Fund.

Where is my nearest branch?

All ranks who served in The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment, The Worcestershire Regiment or The Sherwood Foresters are automatic members of the Association.

There are local WFRA branches, mainly in the East and West Midlands, which hold regular meetings and events. For branch details, contact the Assistant Regimental Secretary at  RHQ Mercian (Nottingham).

Unless Branches are supported and member numbers increase, the WFRA as we know it will cease to exist, and none of us want to see that happen! You might be a member of the Association but, are you a member of a Branch? If not, you might give consideration to joining one to help ensure its continuance?

What if i served in the Mercian Regiment?

All ranks who are serving or have served in The Mercian Regiment or any of its antecedents are eligible to join the MRA. For further details, contact the Assistant Regimental Secretary RHQ Mercian  (Nottingham) on 0115 9465415 x 5215.

There are some MRA branches around the country which hold regular meetings and events. The Mercian Regiment have pages on both Facebook and Twitter which anyone can follow to find out the latest Mercian news. RHQ Mercian also publish a quarterly electronic newsletter which includes Association news.


Those that served in The Mercian Regiment or any of its antecedents, and their families, may be eligible for benevolence assistance.  For further details, contact the Assistant Regimental Secretary at RHQ Mercian (Nottingham). 

WFRA Mailing list

The WFRA publishes a weekly email newsletter giving details of local WFRA events, regimental goings on and museum news. All GDPR is followed and your details will not be passed onto 3rd parties.