Donate Items to Our Collection

Would you like to donate something to the museum?

Before accepting items into the collection we need to know the following:

  • What do you have
  • What era is it from
  • Are there any markings
  • Where did the item(s) come from
  • Who has the item(s) come from?
  • Images/ scans of what you have

Things to think about before donating to us

  • We cannot accept photocopies of original items
  • We must be careful not to duplicate what we have in the Collection. 
  • Items will not always be put on display in the gallery straight away. For items not on display we will store these safely in our Collections Store
  • If we are slow to get back to you, please do not send/ deliver items until we have responded

Fill in the form below if you have something you would like to offer to the museum