General Research

Research of events & battalions

We welcome researchers to our office and archive if looking into the history of battalions or specific parts of the Regiment’s history.

Visits are by appointment only and the below form will need to be filled out.

To ensure the future of the museum we have a research charge. Full details are below, if your research is not listed, then please mention this on your form. 

  • If more than 10 soldiers £15 (for each soldier for 1 hours research)
  • List of soldiers from the town/village £15 per full list
  • Research enquiry i.e. Battle, Memorial or Regiment £20 per hour
  • Visits to the Archives (booked in advance) £20 per hour

Please fill in the form below if you wish to visit or have us carry out research for you and click on the pay button. 

Our archive contains a wealth of original documents, the following list gives some examples of what we hold:

  • Maps,
  • Soldier’s personal documents (letters, diaries photograph etc)
  • Regimental histories,
  • Regimental Annuals (complete run), 
  • War Diaries & Digest of Service
  • Officers Record of Services