45th Gold Medal

William’s army career began aged 16 when he became an Ensign by purchase in 1789. William purchased the rank of Lieutenant in 1790. Captain in 1795. Major 1797 and Lieut-Col in 1799.  He served in the West Indies where he was wounded in 1801. William took command of the 45th from 1804-1809.

Then made temporary Colonel in 1809 before moving onto Major General in 1812 and Lieutenant General in 1825. Severely wounded, he was taken Prisoner at Talavera and released April 1814

 “Many years in command of the 45th Regiment. His conduct as a soldier during a long period of active employment was marked by a strict sense of honour, and the most ardent zeal for his profession. In acknowledgement of his eminent services he was made Governor of Kinsale and Charles Fort.”